Women's Rights

Women's Rights

Equal Rights Amendment

The Women’s Rights in Virginia group is focusing on Equal Rights Amendment ratification by Virginia. HJ 579 US Constitution; Ratifies Equal Rights Amendment has been pre-filed for the upcoming 2019 General Assembly session which begins in January. We are working on outreach to Hampton Roads legislators to seek their support for the bill.

See the talking points from the League of Women Voters of Virginia before contacting your legislator.

We are collaborating with VARatifyERA, the largest organization in the state working on ERA ratification. The big hurdle to passage is getting the bill through the committee process and out to the floor of the House of Delegates for a full vote. The Speaker of the House controls which committee gets a bill so we informing him how much this means to Virginians. Since the Privileges and Elections Committee is likely to be the committee that considers the ERA Ratification bill, we are contacting its members. They are listed on the Legislative Information System, but there could be changes between now and January.

We are also looking for opportunities to inform the public. All too many people think that the goals of the ERA have been accomplished and there is no need for the amendment. There are questions about the ratification process as well.

We are also considering the need for a law addressing sexual harassment.

If you would like to be involved in the Women’s Rights in Virginia Committee, please email women [at] lwvshr.org