LWV PWM Virtual Forum — Oct 7, 2020, at 7:00 pm

NYS Senate District 5  — Will live-stream HERE

Jim Gaughran, Edmund J. Smyth, Barbara S. Wagner

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LWV PWM Virtual Forum— Oct 7, 2020, at 8:30pm

NYS Assembly District 13 — will live-stream HERE

Charles Lavine & Andrew Monteleone

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How to register to vote in NYS

Step-by-Step, with fireworks!



In 2016, 100 Million eligible citizens didn't vote — more than the number who voted for either major-party candidate.  Who are these candidates and what do they need to encourage them to be voters?



LWV PWM Virtual Forum — at 7:00 pm Oct 20, 2020

NYS Senate #7 — Will live-stream HERE

Anna Kaplan & David Franklin



LWV PWM Virtual Forum — 8:30 pm, Oct 20, 2020

NYS Assembly 16 — Will live-stream HERE

Gina Sillitti & Ragini Srivastava


 LWV US President Deborah Turner 

introduces herself and lays out her priorities to LWV members

2020 National Convention,  June 27





Register to Vote!  Now! 



LWV PWM Virtual Forum — Sept 8, 2020

Manorhaven Mayoral Candidates


LWV PWM Virtual Forum —May 27, 2020

Manhasset Board of Election 


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LWV PWM Virtual Forum — May 28, 2020

Port Washington Board of Education